JMD now offers multiple 🛡️ secure communication solutions to talk to our team directly, including real-time solutions for high-volume customers that need 24/7 comms.

The age of unprotected communication is over, and companies now, more than ever, are turning to encrypted communcation tools.

To protect your prints and other CUI data from falling into the wrong hands, we offer the following ways to communicate directly with our team:

  • Secure chat (using open-source encryption chat software, similar to Slack)
  • End-to-end encrypted email (simply send us your public key & we will send you ours)

Want to contact us through other methods? No problem! We also use popular third-party encrypted apps, but the above options are the only methods that are fully-audited by our team. We can’t control how third-party apps store their data.

Contact us today to set up a secure communication method with our company.