We at JMD Industries operate in a time-sensitive and quality conscious environment, because we know time = money for our customers, and quality = value.

Our goal is to meet your metal finishing standards and surpass them where possible. To see our list of available finishes, see our available finishes page.

Quality Assurance

JMD Industries operates under the guidance of an ISO 9001 compliant quality system. This quality system allows our customers to submit orders with the confidence that they will be completed not only within the timeframe indicated but with precise attention to the quality of those orders as well. Our Quality system allows for continual improvement through the use of Statistical Process Control.

Customer assistance is provided during the design process to ensure that the finish selected is appropriate for end-use conditions. We also provide technical assistance and educational opportunities to assist customers in staying informed of new products and industry changes to suit their metal finishing needs.

JMD Industries operates an on-site laboratory to allow for real-time analysis of our plating processes. This ability greatly reduces the risk of chemistry concerns on the plating lines.

On-Site Lab Facility

The newly remodeled lab here at JMD Industries provides the company with in-house testing capabilities not only for our processes but for our in-house waste water treatment facility as well.

Our lab utilizes state of the art technology to ensure that our process tanks are running at an optimum level. This means our customers can count on us to provide quality finishing services without the lag time of addressing concerns via an off-site lab facility. This proactive approach furthers JMD Industries’ position as a leader in the Metal Finishing Industry in terms of customer quality satisfaction.

Additionally, our on-site laboratory is responsible for determining the environmental safety of the waste streams generated at our facility. We strive to have as low an impact as possible on the environment in which we live, work and play.


JMD Industries is an industry leader in minimizing water use. The Company has taken a pro-active approach to environmental compliance by implementing conservation measures that allow for the recycling of water on a large volume. This water is then re-used within the facility to reduce the amount of water required from the municipal water source.

In addition to minimizing water consumption, JMD Industries has maintained a captive waste water treatment facility within its operation to pre-treat waters being discharged to the municipal water treatment plant. The water being discharged leaves the facility in a more purified state than the water being brought in.

JMD was a first in New England metal finishing facility to offer all of its finishes in a non-hexavalent chromium state. This critical compliance step made it possible for our customers to single source our facility for their entire domestic and export product lines.

The Company has worked closely with Region 1 Environmental Protection Agency and New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. JMD was a pilot Company for the New Hampshire Pollution Prevention Project, the work of which resulted in two Environmental Protection Agency Merit Awards; Commitment & Significant Contributions to the Environment and EPA New England’s Clean/P2 Program.

Currently JMD Industries is revising its Environmental Policy to be in compliance with EMS-14000. By coming in to alignment with this internationally accepted policy we will further secure our place as an environmentally friendly company.